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New Floors!

After several years of use, hundreds of students and countless footsteps, our portable floors are finally
ready for retirement. Starting this spring break, Mrs. Percy, Mr. Pel and Mr. Overn will be getting
new floors in their classrooms. Over the summer, with the exception of our new portable, the
other portable floors will also be replaced.

Also, did you know that we have an amazing new custodian team this year?  They will be busy
over the break cleaning, scrubbing and waxing floors so the school looks its best!  Our custodians
do a fantastic job of keeping our school safe and clean.  Just a few of things they are
responsible for is daily cleaning, filling soap and paper towel dispensers and making sure there
is vinegar and water in each classroom so the students can clean their desks after lunch.

We are so proud of our the way this team works to keep our school so clean and safe!


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