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"Fall" into Fundraising - Apple Fundraiser

James Mowat Parent Council is running an exciting new fundraiser this fall; premium farm-fresh apples, directly from the Okanagan! Sun-Oka Fruit Farms has won many awards for their apples. In fact, they were judged to be the best apples in Canada for eight consecutive years.

These apples will be fresher, tastier, and crunchier than the ones you buy in our local stores. Plus, because you'll be buying directly from the farm, you'll also be paying less than the regular grocery store prices.

Most importantly, over 35% of each purchase goes towards our school's fundraising effort. In the past, fundraising has paid for new musical instruments, school-wide presentations, rewards for patrollers, classroom supports, and more!

Each purchase will help enhance and enrich our kids' learning environment, so sinking your teeth into those delicious apples will satisfy your soul as well as your tastebuds. (And rumour has it, it may even keep the doctor away!)


Use the link below to create your own account that will be attached to our school account. After that, you will get your own link that you can send to friends and family! Orders are entirely online and due on October 31st.


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