Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program is Suspended for the 2020-21 School Year.


Hot Lunch Ordering

Here's how to get started...

Go to

Click on "Click Here to Register"

Enter Access Code:  JMHL

Complete the rest of the registration form.  (Including your email address will ensure you receive reminder emails about hot lunch order deadlines, and your child's hot lunch order for the upcoming week).

Click the "Register Now" button at the bottom.

Follow the instructions to add each child in your family who attends James Mowat.  Once your child(ren) are registered, click on "Orders".

Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren).


Parent Council only accepts hot lunch order payments through PayPal (  No cheque or cash payments will be accepted at any time.  

You can either pay with a credit card as a PayPal guest (Visa, Mastercard or Amex), or set up your own PayPal account. 

The hot lunch online order system requires a small amount of setup time at the beginning as you must register each child you have attending our school prior to ordering hot lunch.  Once the initial setup process is complete, your hot lunch orders for the remainder of the year should be quick and simple.

*If you have set up hot lunch in previous years you are still required to do this again.  Due to privacy acts the system is wiped every year.

**Please Note:  Should you experience any issues with your PayPal account, you must contact PayPal directly to solve the issue.

Should you have questions about the Hot Lunch Program, please contact the Hot Lunch Coordinators at:

James Mowat Parent Advisory Association